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Fused currently provides web hosting for over eight thousand websites & we have hosting clients in over 65 countries worldwide.

We're distributed around the world, allowing us to provide quality service regardless of the timezone.

The Team

These are the people that put up with us :)


Retreated from the cold White North

Unhappy with other hosting providers, David launched Fused. A decade later, has two three kids + wife + dog. Calls Chattanooga home.


Unhealthy obsession with bicycles

Yuri has a thing for virtualization &, handles most of the computer beating at Fused.


Near Transylvania

Enjoys bicycles, camping & music. Submit a ticket overnight & he'll be there!


Has a thick, voluptuous Canadian accent.

Started as a client, he now handles the bulk of our day to day support. Huzzah!

What makes us tick

Our Promise

We promise to be available when you need us & to resolve issues as quickly as possible, and to communicate in human terms when doing so.

We'll never sell you anything you don't require, nor your information to anyone under any circumstances.

Our History

Bootstrapped and cashflow positive since day one, we still have our very first client. Although our offerings & team have changed slightly over the years, we've constantly strive to ensure every client is satisfied.

Our Future

Daily, we'll continue to strive towards greater charity, healthy & well-rounded teammates, improved service, more clients to serve along with many more bicycle rides & hiking trips.

“Fused is by far the best web hosting company I have ever used. Very fast and very reliable, with customer support from real people who really care about your website. It’s as though my site has been reborn.”

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