The death of voicemail

Phonecalls can solve problems in seconds: They are amazing. There are honestly few things I enjoy more than the refreshing sound of a human voice. To be able to respond with a simple "Mmhm.", "Absolutely!" or something in between. I love them (and the clients, friends and family behind them), and, honestly it's one of the few reasons I continue to operate fused after well beyond a decade.

Voicemails, on the other hand? Voicemails are awful in every imaginable way. I can't even begin to list all of the reasons why voicemails are tragic.

Perhaps it's because if you're anything like me -- you often leave two voicemails instead of one, because you failed to include some snippet of extremely important information, often even your callback number. At best, you fumble over a few words and feel like a bumbling idiot. During a live call that somehow never happens, or, the human on the other end helps you up. Robots on the other hand are heartless, and respond with nothing but a painful empty silence.

At fused, we don't miss many calls -- yet, we still somehow end up with hundreds of voicemails, and every single one is absolutely painful to trawl through. More often than not, the only reasonable response to a voicemail is to call back, defeating the whole purpose of their meager existence.

Ugh. All of that could be settled with a single text, or, email even -- it's 2015. But, we love phone calls, regardless of how ugly voicemails are.

The future of voicemails: Their death, preferably

So, back in early 2014 we launched our phone call request system.

And it's amazing. You request a call, we get an email with a link -- simple. It cuts out the middleman, and saves us hundreds of dollars a month on phones & phone systems, to boot. Instead of any of us having to drone into empty space (or, listen to it), we're live instantly. There's some sincere benefits too, which I could rave on about endlessly -- I'll save that for another post.

Sure, once in awhile there's the odd game of phone tag, but, not having to listen to another voicemail has improved our lives significantly.

And that's why today, we've turned off our voicemail for good.