The Internet: The great equalizer

Things are changing. Many of our parents grew up in an era where last names, skin color & ZIP codes may have defined, to an extent, their future. Many overcame these limitations, many didn't. I grew up in an era where some of those things, although less relevant, still impacted my future to some degree.

Today, someone from Charlottetown, Memphis, or even in distant lands like Manila, Rio De Janeiro, and Delhi, all have the same potential through the internet. The internet has changed everything.

I realized all of this fairly early on. My formative years were spent crafting online personas, whether in a virtual game world, internet (relay) chat, or even going as far as building projects & businesses. The diversity of the people I interacted with daily, many of whom originated from locations I could barely pronounce the names of, scaled well beyond my greatest imagination. That, fairs in comparison to seasons during grade school where our teacher urged us to find penpals. I connected with a young girl from somewhere in Europe, & told her all about how little I knew about Canada (Sadly, I likely know far less still).

Today, my company has clients in so many countries, that even if I tried, I'd likely be unable to visit them all in my lifetime. Our team operates out of multiple timezones, and I haven't met any of them.

Kids these days, of any origin, of any location, can launch something online & reach the entire planet; That's a far reach from dragging dusty tables across our lawns in hopes of selling a few glasses of lemonade. Gone are the days of insane phone bills to connect to someone in a far away land for a few brief moments.

The internet is the great equalizer.