Speed up your WordPress website if you're using a chimera theme

Chimera Theme Users — experiencing sudden slowdowns with your site?

It appears chimerathemes.com has gone offline, causing a particular bug to arise with specific themes they’ve produced.

We recently ran into a client whose site was taking a full ten seconds to load, and the culprit was his theme developer’s host going offline.

If you’re using one of the themes noted down below, this will immensely speed up your site. In order to correct this you can make one minor adjustment in your template to sort things.

Which WordPress themes are impacted?

A full list of the themes available from chimera themes is below:

  • AppPress
  • BusinessCanvas
  • ChimeraReview
  • Chimerashop
  • Enlightened
  • WShop
  • wpPrecious
  • wpChimera
  • FullSide
  • Extatic
  • Decisive
  • Conversion
  • Captivate
  • Temporal
  • Tomasso
  • Appbbpress
  • ImpactPress
  • Smartpress


    Some themes from other developers may have similar names as these, you’ll want to verify that the file listed below exists — that’ll confirm whether you’re using an impacted theme

Speeding up a chimera theme WordPress site

Correcting the issue is relatively simple, and involves adjusting a single php file. If this file exists, it also confirms that you’re using a chimera theme:


You’re going to open this file in the editor of your choice. Once open, you’re going to find this line:

$theme_data = get_theme_data(TEMPLATEPATH . '/style.css');

Above that line, you’re going to place the following:


All this code does it prevent the theme you’re using from checking the chimera themes website for an update. The cause of the slowdown is the fact that their website is offline.

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