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Thunderbird is an email client by the wonderful folks over at Mozilla: We at Fused recommend it highly, and support Mozilla with a monthly contribution.


Important: Before proceeding with the thunderbird setup instructions, you will need to have created an email account. If you have not done that yet, stop and do that now before proceeding.

First time users

If this is your first time opening Thunderbird, a popup will display that allows you to set it as your default client. Select Skip integration. The next popup will allow you to create an email address with a 3rd party provider. That's of no use, as you'll be using your own email account & domain.

Select Skip this and use my existing email

Configuration steps

  1. A window with Mail Account Setup should display, where you'll be able to enter your name, email account & the related password. Enter them now, note you can change them later if needed. Hit Continue.
  2. Choose your account type. We recommend IMAP. Afterwards, hit Done.
  3. You're all set!

Last update: 2021-04-06