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The Fused webmail system allows you to access email accounts & manage various email account settings/features.

Accessing Webmail

Before we get started, you'll require your full email address ( & password, and webmail url. Generally, you simply append /webmail to your url, for ex:

If you know your login url, login to webmail

What is my webmail url?


For site/email hosted on Fused:

Simply append /webmail to your url, for ex:

For site's hosted elsewhere, but email on Fused:

Access webmail via subdomain, for ex:

In circumstances where neither of the other options function, find out your server number or hostname and append /webmail/

For ex.,

Login to Webmail

To login, navigate to your webmail url, and login using your full email address & password.

On your first login to webmail you'll be greeted with a large number of options: To skip straight to your mailbox, you can use the roundcube link in the upper left.

Default to roundcube

If you check the Open my inbox when I log in checkbox below the roundcube logo, you'll login to roundcube on subsequent logins. You can always navigate back to this main interface by using the Webmail Home link on the left from inside roundcube.

Unable to login to Webmail

In circumstances where you still can't get in via the above url syntax, contact fused!

Require an email account password reset? Use these instructions.

Otherwise, you can access each email account's features within this panel:

Email account features

Accounts hosted by Fused come with a number of features that you can take advantage of.
We link to the various features pages below.

  • Signatures — Set a signature for outbound messages.
  • Autoresponders — Vacation autoresponders, sabbaticals, or just automatic replies to addresses.
  • Forwarders — Automatically forward your incoming messages to another email address.
  • Filters — Filter your messages into various folders upon delivery.
  • Boxtrapper — Aggressive spam filtering method that requires each sender to authorize their emails.

We'll flesh these out further in the next doc update.

  • Calendars & Contacts — Allows you to manage your calendar & address book.
  • Password & Security — Allows you to change your password
  • Contact Information — Allows you add your contact information for login notices, quotas, etc.