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Pre-sales Questions

Why Fused?

There are a million options out there — why us?

We're stable, we've been around for 14+ years,

We consider ourselves part of our client's team. We serve everyone from
40+ billion dollar investment firms, to single teammate web
design shops — and we serve them equally.

We enjoy solving problems & providing a stable service
that you can use to build whatever you desire.

David McKendrick
founder/president & chief nerd wrangler.

What hosting package should I choose?

Start small, unless you already know in advance another web hosting company's package wasn't working well for you (shared, virtual dedicated, dedicated, etc.). Remember, it can sometimes be better to pay a little more for a little less trouble.

You can always upgrade your package to another level, or incrementally with additional storage/resources as needed.

If you're still uncertain, chat with us! — we'll try to help. None of us are sales folks, and we'll do everything within reason to help you narrow down a size that works perfectly for you.

How quickly are accounts activated?

Often accounts are activated within 60 minutes unless it's a billing holiday or weekend — we still manually verify every order.

Control panel

What control panel does Fused offer?

Fused offers cPanel. cPanel offers the ability to manage your hosting account in a relatively easy manner. For the command-line folks among us, we also offer SSH access on all accounts, and cPanel has a lovely cli based API.

Is there an easy way to install software?

Yes, most software you're likely familiar with like WordPress, Drupal, Magento & much more is easily installed via our control panel.

Domain names

Who owns a domain I register through Fused?

You, of course! By request we can register the domain with our contact information to avoid you having to deal with spam, but regardless the domain is still yours.

Can I transfer domains to Fused?

Yes! Most TLDs can be transferred to Fused for the general cost of registration. There a few country specific TLDs that prevent transfer but they're rare.

Payment methods, currency & refunds.

We accept credit card, paypal, and mailed checks in USD currency.

Money Back Guarantee and Refunds

Our mantra is to never keep money that someone didn't give us happily. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with Fused we'll happily refund you entirely (Minus the exceptions below) In addition, if at any point you change your mind about Fused and you've prepaid, we'll happily refund you a prorated amount.

Exceptions: Domains, service and SSL certificates

  • domain names: which we incur a direct and immediate cost for.
  • SSL certificates: Much like domain names, these are a direct cost to us.
  • Services: Hourly services requested by clients for content management system updates and such.