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Complex Hosting

Complex Hosting

Dedicated servers starting at $450.00 per month

Whether you require one server, fifteen or a complex arrangement with load balancers, clustered databases & more — let our team of sysadmins tailor a solution that fits your needs, budget & growth plans.

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Award Winning Support

Our great phone support, attention to detail & true 24/7 support allow the Fused team to offer unprecedented quality for dedicated hosting.

Included in all Systems:

  • Free 24/7 monitoring & emergency resolution
  • RAID1 or higher by default
  • Nightly backups retained for ~75 days
  • Fully managed by our team

“Fused is by far the best web hosting company I have ever used. Very fast and very reliable, with customer support from real people who really care about your website. It’s as though my site has been reborn.”

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