Additional domains

Different types of domains that a Fused account supports

All fused accounts support adding additional domain names to an account. There are a few variations of domains detailed below, along with instructions on how to add & manage them.

Domain type Use Example
Primary domains Primary domain names are the ones you configured when starting your account. They can be altered by request only For sake of example, let's assume your primary domain is
Parked domains (aliases) Parked domains are domain names that forward to another domain forwards to — is a parked domain in this case.
Addon domains Addon domains are domain names that are added to an account & have their own separate content You might have your primary domain, & an addon domain for your new t-shirt company, — the latter having entirely separate content than the first
Subdomains Subdomains are domain names that are based on another domain name. For ex., is a subdomain, where is our account's primary domain

Adding additional domains to an account

The process for adding additional domains to an account will vary slightly, but two things are required upfront:

  1. If its not a subdomain, the domain should be registered. If not, [register it now] ( through fused.
  2. Before getting started, you should have access to cPanel

If you've got those ready, you can proceed to the sections below.

Adding a parked domain (aliases)

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Navigate to the Aliases section. You can use the search field in the upper right to search for aliases. Select it.
  3. Fill your domain into the 'Create a New Alias' section. If your domain is, simply fill in
  4. Select Add Domain.

All set! The domain is now added as an alias, and will forward to your main domain by default. If you want to adjust where it fowards, use the Manage Redirection link next to the domain in the aliases section of cPanel.

Adding an addon domain

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Navigate to the Addon Domains section. You can use the search field in the upper right to search for addon domains. Select it once it shows up.
  3. The addon domain section has 3 options — if you fill in the first with a valid domain (e.g., cPanel will guess the latter two. You can alter them as desired, particularly the Document Root section which dictates where the content for your site will reside on your account.
  4. Hit Add Domain when you've got the fields filled out.

Once completed, the domain will be added & ready. You can then populate it with a content management system, WordPress, or something else using Installatron

Addon Domain Options

Option Use Example
New Domain Name The new domain you're adding to your account
Subdomain A subdomain that cPanel autogenerates with each addon domain If you entered as the new domain name, cPanel will populate the subdomain with fusedhosting
Document Root The location on the filesystem in which this domain will live. /home/username/
Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain While we recommend against it, if you require an FTP account for this new domain name you can automatically generate one using this checkbox Using this will create an FTP account based on this addon domain

Adding a subdomain

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Navigate to the subdomains section. You can use the search field in the upper right to search for subdomains. Select it once it appears.
  3. The subdomain section has three options, you'll only need to fill in the first. cPanel will guess the latter two.
  4. Fill them in, hit Create and your subdomain should go live. You can use the table below for more information regarding the fields if necessary.

Subdomain options

These are the options displayed when creating a subdomain.

Option Use Example
Subdomain This is the name of your subdomain For ex., example. If our domain below is set to, and our subdomain's named test, the complete subdomain would be
Domain See ex. This dropdown allows you to select an existing addon or primary domain to base your subdomain off of
Document Root The folder on your account in which your new subdomain will reside For ex., if your subdomain is test, the folder would be /home/account/test/ by default.

Removing additional domains from an account

Removing additional domains, whether they are addons, parked domains (aliases) or subdomains follows a similar set of steps.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Use the search field in the upper right to search for the respective section, using addon, aliases or subdomains to get to the desired section.
  3. Once there, use the Remove link next to the specific domain you wish to remove. Note that removing an addon or parked domain will not delete the related content (associated email accounts, databases, or files), but will result in them ceasing to function via a browser.
  4. All set!