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Getting started

Before we get underway, understand that our migration documentation is a general guide of how to get started with shared hosting. While we try to cover many edge cases in the migration process, your process may differ significantly depending on the scale of your website and where you're at in the process.


If you don't care for walls of text, skip right on down to our migration checklist

For ex., if your starting a brand new website the migration process takes all of thirty seconds. Still, for most existing sites you're looking at most an hour of your time. If you've got an existing business with revenue, we suggest considering one of our packages that include migration assistance where we'll handle this entire process for you.

Signing up for shared hosting

The first step in the process is to sign up for a shared hosting account. If you haven't already, sign up (use the coupon code 50off for 50% off): Sign up for shared hosting

Web Hosting Migration Checklist

Information you'll require before moving your account

  • Access credentials to your domain name registrar where your domain resides (to change dns)
  • Access credentials to your existing web hosting account
  • A digest of email account usernames/passwords, if you'll be moving your email to Fused.
  • Sign up for web hosting on
  • Data Migration: Forward your existing access credentials to our support team
    • We'll migrate your website (databases, content)
    • We'll migrate your email data & accounts
  • Testing: We'll handle this!
    • We test the website on Fused
  • DNS Adjustments: We'll let you know what to do.
    • We help you adjust DNS records to point to Fused
    • Or, we'll have you change nameservers to the Fused nameservers
  • Success!

All set? Done!

Last update: 2020-09-11