Authorization Code (EPP code)

EPP codes or auth keys are pass-phrases that you retrieve from your domain name's registrar that allow you to move your domain name from one registration provider to another. You do not need to move your domain name to host it with Fused, this is solely for the registration itself.

An example of how to get your domain name EPP from godaddy

If you wanted to move a domain name's registration from GoDaddy to Fused, you'd retrieve the auth key from GoDaddy, Unlock a domain at GoDaddy, & pass the EPP or auth key provided along to Fused. We can then use this code to transfer your domain to Fused.

Requiring EPP codes helps prevent someone from transferring your domain name without authorization. Think of it like it's a domain password.

EPP code exemptions

Some domain name extensions, particularly .uk use alternatives to EPP codes. In the case of .uk, they use a method called an IPS Tag where you have your existing registrar (Fused or otherwise) define the IPS Tag before a transfer — essentially authorizing it in advance. If you're attempting to transfer a .uk domain name between registrars, do note you'll need to adjust the IPS tag. Reach out to Fused for more information on that.

Domain names that cannot be migrated

Some domain names aren't transferable at all, including but not limited to: .bz, .cc, .gd, .im, .tc, .tel, .tv, .vg, and .ws

Retrieving an EPP code

Retrieving an EPP code is going to vary depending on your domain registration provider. Below are a list of popular web hosting & domain name providers & the instructions on how to retrieve the EPP code from each.

A list of web hosting providers & domain registration companies on how to retrieve your EPP from them:

fused, arvixe, asmallorange, bluehost, cirtexhosting, dot5hosting, dotster, dreamhost, fastdomain, fatcow, globat, godaddy, homestead, hostgator, hostmonster, hostnine, hostnine, ipage, ipower, ipowerweb, justhost, mediatemple, namecheap, netfirms, network-solutions, powweb,, startlogic

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