Free SSL Certificates

Fused now offers free certificates to all1 users at no charge. Below we'll document instructions on how to activate the certificate, integrate it into your software & any caveats with using both the free SSL & SSL in general.

Free certificate activation

Let's Encrypt powered certificates are automatically activated on any site that is pointed at Fused's hosting unless otherwise requested.

SSL Advantages

Encryption & security

The obvious benefit of using SSL is content submitted to & sent from your site is encrypted, making it more difficult for prying eyes to see what your users are up to. This helps you help prevent nefarious actors on the injecting content into your site when a user visits it. These actors could range from ISPs injecting their own advertisements/content, to a device attempting to man in the middle your website. It's yet another layer in the security onion, but an important one.

Google ranking advantage

There's a light google pagerank advantage to using SSL, that might give you the edge over a competitor.

Integrating the SSL certificate


Every site is different, and some of the following instructions may differ based on plugins, modules, redirects & any number of variables. If you use the instructions below to alter your site to use SSL, and something goes awry, revert your changes & reach out to us or your developer.

  1. ~99.7% of clients. There are a few holdouts. 

  2. The SSL certificates activate at 1-3am EST once a site resolves on a Fused IP.