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Note that while Fused has nightly backups of 100% of the content we host, these are incremental & not to be relied on in the event of an emergency. In addition, as they run each night at a specific time, any data created between those periods can very easily be lost. Backup your account whenever you make any significant change that you'd regret losing.

Use installatron

For software installations like WordPress, make sure you're using installatron to take advantage of it's automatic security updates and backups. You can review more on our Installatron documentation.

Generating a backup of your content

Using cPanel to backup your content

To generate a full backup of your web hosting account data, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Navigate to the backup function. You can either use the Backup or Backup wizard option.
  3. Select the preferred backup type & save this file in a safe location.
Types of backups within cPanel
Name Type Location
Full backup A full backup contains 100% of your web hosting account data /home/username/backup-m-dd-year_hh_mm_ss_username.tar.gz
Home directory backup A backup of just your account's files (includes email). Does not contain databases When the home directory backup link is selected, it's automatically downloaded to your computer
MySQL Database Backup Contains the contents of a single MySQL database. When selected, it downloads direct to your computer
Email Forwarders Contains a list of any email forwarders / distribution lists you have configured When selected, downloads direct to your computer
Email Filters Contains a list of any spam filtering rules you've created When selected, downloads direct to your computer