Finding your Fused Nameservers

For domain names that are registered at another company, you'll need your nameservers to point your domain name to Fused's hosting. Below are instructions on retrieving your Fused nameservers. Once retrieved, you can use them to change your nameservers & point your domain to Fused.


Before changing nameservers on a live site, reach out to Fused so we can verify (at no cost) everything has been properly migrated.

  1. Login to cPanel for the domain you're seeking nameservers for.
  2. Navigate to 'cloud nameservers'
  3. Select the domain you're looking for the nameservers for.
  4. Four nameservers will be displayed. You can use these nameservers to change your nameservers & point your domain at Fused.

These four nameservers can be used for that single domain only. Each domain has a unique set of nameservers.