Configuring Outlook


Important: Before proceeding with the outlook configuration instructions, you will need to have created an email account. If you have not done that yet, stop and do that now before proceeding.

Configuring Outlook 2016

  1. Open outlook 2016
  2. Populate your email address into the Enter an email address to add to your account field.
  3. Select Advanced Options. Check Let me set up my account manually
  4. Choose IMAP
  5. Enter into the incoming mail server field, & enter into the outgoing mail server field. Hit next.
  6. Enter your account's password. Hit Connect.
  7. Hit OK on the Account setup is complete screen.

Multiple accounts in Outlook 2016

If you're setting up additional accounts in Outlook 2016, you can add them beneath File > Add account, then complete steps 2-7.