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Retrieving your domain's authorization code from Globat

Retrieving your auth key or EPP code from Globat allows you to move your domain name registration from Globat to another domain name registrar like Fused. You might want to do that if Globat is increasingly unresponsive, expensive, or difficult to reach in an emergency.

To start, understand that moving your domain registration should be completely seamless. There should be no impact to your hosting services regardless of what provider you're using.

Globat EPP code Exemptions

Some domain TLDs do not require authorization codes. These include first and foremost, .uk, .bz, .cc, .gd, .im, .tc, .tel, .tv, .vg, and .ws — you can review the epp code exemptions here if needed.

Unlock your domain

Before you can transfer a domain, you'll need to unlock it. The instructions below will assist with that.

Getting your auth key from Globat

  1. Log in to the Globat control panel
  2. Go to Domain Central
  3. Select the domain name from the list.
  4. Click Transfer
  5. Review the checklist. If any item shows an x instead of a check, click on the pencil to correct the item.
  6. Click Send Auth-Info Code to send yourself the EPP. The EPP will go to the email address displayed on screen.

Once completed...

Initiate an order for a domain name via our client area domain transfer section, or contact us if you have trouble with that process.