Importing existing software to Installatron


This assumes you have an existing software installation on your web hosting account. If you don't already you could check out the installatron step-by-step WordPress install guide on how to install software, in this case, WordPress.

Importing WordPress into Installatron

In this example, we're going to import an existing WordPress installation. You can change the software selection in step 4, to import other software for management.

Getting to the import section

  1. Access cPanel
  2. Navigate to installatron by searching for 'installatron' in the search field, and selecting it.
  3. Within installatron, navigate to the 'applications browser'. If you have no other software installed, this is the default screen (big giant list of software options)
  4. Select the software you want to import. In this case, we're importing 'WordPress' so I select it under 'Apps for Content Management'.
  5. In the upper right, use the down chevron on 'Install this application' — which has a sub-menu that allows 'Import existing install'. Select it.
  6. Select 'From this account' if you're importing a local install. 'From different account' let's you move installations from other hosting providers.
  7. Select the relevant domain the software is installed on.
  8. In directory, plugin the install's location. In my case, I've got it installed in blog so I'll enter that here.
  9. Select import, and let it process.

If you're successful, it should now show up under 'My applications'. You can manage it like you would any installation within installatron, you might want to review the installatron basics