Changing your nameservers at Media Temple

Updating your nameservers at Media Temple allows you to use a domain registered with them in conjunction with Fused's hosting. While we suggest considering transferring your domain to fused, it isn't mandatory.

Doing so will point your domain name to your Fused hosting account and allow you to leave the domain registered at Media Temple. We suggest considering transferring your domain to Fused regardless, but it's not mandatory.

Please note that these instructions may differ lightly as Media Temple makes interface changes. If they're different, reach out to us for a small reward.

If you're pointing a domain name to Fused, you'll need to find your fused nameservers before following these instructions.


Please note that changing your nameservers results in your hosting & email moving. Make certain your website & email have been migrated successfully.

If you're not sure, contact us.

Updating your domain nameservers at Media Temple

  1. Navigate to MediaTemple account center and log in.
  2. From the DOMAINS tab, select the domain you want to edit.
  3. In the DOMAIN TOOLS panel, click on Edit Nameservers.
  4. Enter your desired nameservers.
  5. Click SAVE to save changes.

Please allow up to 24 hours for DNS changes to take effect. If you have any domain name or nameserver questions, reach out to our support.