How to retrieve your EPP Code with Directi

This article should assist you in obtaining a EPP code/authorization code from the DirectI control panel in order to facilitate a transfer to another registrar, for example, transferring to fused. The following steps are only applicable to customers whose domains are registered under channel registrar DirectI.

Directi EPP code Exemptions

Some domain TLDs do not require authorization codes. These include first and foremost, .uk, .bz, .cc, .gd, .im, .tc, .tel, .tv, .vg, and .ws — you can review the epp code exemptions here if needed.

Unlock your domain

Before you can transfer a domain, you'll need to unlock it. If you've done that, proceed.

Retrieving your auth/epp code from directi

  1. Login to DirectI Domain Control Panel.
  2. At control panel home page, in upper right-hand side corner, click on your user name. Click on My Account Link.
  3. Under Manage Orders Menu, click on List/Search Orders link.
  4. Click on your domain name whose EPP code you wish to obtain. This will open manage domain page.
  5. Click on Domain Secret link. This will open Manage Domain Secret page.
  6. At this page, you would see existing EPP code. You can just copy this EPP key and place domain transfer order at new registrar. If you wish to create a new EPP key, you can enter new key in the box and click on Update Domain Secret button to save it.

Once completed...

Initiate an order for a domain name via our client area domain transfer section, or contact us if you have trouble with that process.