Managing WordPress

The goal of this document is to cover WordPress installation, management (backups, updates, security) and WordPress performance.

WordPress Installation

There are a great deal of many ways to install WordPress. We recommend using the installatron software that's included with Fused's web hosting. Doing so will configure automatic backups, rollbacks & upgrades for WordPress.

You can review those instructions within the installing WordPress document.

Basic WordPress site management

Managing a WordPress site is going to vary in complexity, but there's a few key tasks applicable to every site, like backups, updates, security & performance.

Do note there are many, many ways of performing all of these tasks. We cover the ones that are included at no additional charge with Fused. There are many alternative plugins that'll handle it.

Enabling WordPress to use SSL

It's 2018, and ssl errors are a quick way to get rid of website visitors. Enable SSL on your site so that data travels securely between your visitors and your website.

Visit our page on configuring WordPress to use SSL for more information!

WordPress Backups

You'll want to backup your site in at least 3 locations for optimal coverage. Review WordPress backups for more information.